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Derek Eastman Sensei

<- Left..Photo Grange Farm Summer School 1963...Front row left ~ Derek Eastman 17yrs ~ Back row ~ Left Gerry Gyngell ~ centre Ken Williams..

1959 ~ Derek Eastman at the age of 17 yrs joined the Aikido section of the Hut Dojo. The dojo had changed its name to the " Abbe School of Budo ". Over 50 years later the dojo would still be affectionately known as the " Hut Dojo "..
The young Derek Eastman was a natural, ukemi came naturally to him. Henry Ellis was now first dan, he was advised to select an assistant from the class, Henry chose Derek Eastman - A student teacher and friendship that lasts to this very day.

In the early 1960s Ken Williams Sensei suggested that Henry Ellis and Derek spend one year travelling around the UK teaching Aikido where ever possible. That year was a great time, lots of fun, and a great deal of hardship, often sleeping in the car.
They would take jobs just for a few days then move on to another town.Henry and Derek travelled to many parts of the UK to promote the virtually unknown martial art of Aikido..Judo clubs were supportive and a good source to promote Aikido.

They never asked for payment, just a bed and food. Often they would sleep in the car, that was the bad times. They would take a job for a few days here and there..

The jobs were varied and never taken seriously. Beach front photographers ~ Road sweepers ~ Funeral assistants ~ Building workers...At times we were often desperate for food or a bed, here is Derek chatting up a local girl with dodgy legs for an invite for a meal, we struck lucky, we were given a bed and free board for a few days at a town in Northern Englad..

The Ellis Schools of Traditional Aikido ~ E.S.T.A

The ESTA was formed in the early 1960s by Derek Eastman Sensei, making this one of the very first UK Aikido organisations. Henry Ellis and Derek Eastman Sensei's were
direct students of the legendary Budo master Kenshiro Abbe Sensei 1915 ~ 1985.
They are now two of the last four of the original British Aikido pioneers from when Abbe Sensei introduced Aikido to Britain in 1955. Aikido began at the now famous ``Hut Dojo `` ( The original Hell Dojo ) which is still going strong today under the guidence of another Aikido pioneer Haydn Foster Sensei.

The ESTA has tried to maintain its traditional roots by teaching Aikido as a Martial art as taught by Kenshiro Abbe Sensei and the early teachers.
The original Japanese and British Aikido pioneers were initially Judoka which in turn made their Aikido closer to the body giving much more control over ones opponent. This was a time of hard training. There were no such thing as a `` no touch throws ``. If a technique did not take you, then you didn't go!

The Biography of Derek Eastman Sensei 6th dan Int BiranKai ( AikiKai Hombu )

The Eastman Sensei bio is a great true story of a young boy of 16 yrs of age starting in the new martial art of Aikido as the assistant to Henry Ellis Sensei in 1958, this young man became assistant to ``all`` the dan grades. This story offers the reader an insight into the early days of the ``Hell Dojo``. The story is of hard times with many amusing anecdotes, there were the good times and also the funny side of life at the Hut Dojo.Click below.
Click here -> Click here for the Derek Eastman Bio


First British Aikido Demonstration ~ Filmed 1963 ~ Click here -> First ? British Aikido filmed demonstration 1963 ~ H Ellis ~ D Eastman ~ G Goodwin.


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It is sad and disrespectful, but also rather comical to see people who have graded themselves to dan grade in KyuShinDo...As the Japanese Ambassador said at the Kenshiro Abbe Memorial event " Kenshiro Abbe will be smiling from his grave today ". I would imagine if he can see what is now happening in the name of his beloved KyuShinDo he will be crying from his grave.

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